The pictures are awesome, we received tons of compliments!!! Thanks so much!! You guys are fun to work with.
Brent R.

Groom, Midland, Mi

Thanks again for everything! We’re excited about getting on The Knot. 🙂
Libby P.

Bride, Grand Rapids, Mi

We are so happy with the way everything turned out. Thank you for all your hard work!

Matthew M.

Bride, Clarkston, Mi

The pictures are perfect. You guys did an amazing job of capturing our special day. I love these pictures so much.
Angie F.

Bride, Traverse City, Mi

The photos are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!
Meagan H.

Bride, Ann Arbor, Mi

Despite the near hurricane weather, everything turned out fabulous! We’re very happy.
Shari S.

Bride, Detroit, Mi

You both were great to work with. Thanks for helping make our day stress-free and capturing every moment!


Bride, Washington, D.C.

Thanks so much! You guys are the best.
Nicole K.

Bride, Detroit, Mi

We had such a great time with our shoot. We had fun and we really liked working with you guys.
Melissa K.

Engagement, Los Angeles, CA

WOW! I can not express what a wonderful job you did! Everything is beautiful…amazing.

Sarah V.

Bride, Denver, CO

The pics are awesome. We are grateful for having you guys as part of our wedding day.
James T.

Groom, Midland, Mi

This was a great night with a raging party and awesome people! One for the books! Thank you so much.
Jen G.

Bride, Dallas, Tx

Our canvas came today!!! We love love love it!!! Thank you!!!

Staci B.

Bride, Detroit, Mi

You guys are incredible. ‘Nuff said.
Matt H.

Groom, Detroit, Mi

Hubby mentioned that you’re the only ones he would recommend to others because he feels you’re so passionate and great at your work.

Veronica M.

Bride, East Lansing, Mi

Oh my goodness!!! They are all so beautiful. We truly couldn’t have been happier with everything and we are so blessed.

Brittany T.

Bride, Chicago, IL

We’re looking forward to the Knot article. After all that work it’s definitely an accomplishment! Thank you.

Blair K.

Bride, Lansing, Mi

Love all the pics, so many good ones. We had a blast!

Katie P.

Bride, Lansing, Mi

Holy sh*t!…You both did a beautiful job…I can’t stop looking at them. They’re EXACTLY what I envisioned…I can’t thank you enough!

Stephanie R.

Bride, East Lansing, Mi

You are incredible! I’m so grateful for you both for taking care of our beautiful pictures. Youve been so amazing and I can’t thank you enough!!

Rachel L.

Bride, Grand Rapids, Mi

Thank you so much!! We love them all! You guys are so awesome at what you do, and fun to hang with!
Maci M.

Bride, Lansing, Mi

We love them all.

Megan B.

Bride, Frankenmuth, Mi

The pics are great. Thank you for working with our crazy families.

Carolyn G.

Bride, Saginaw, Mi

What a crazy day! It went by so fast. Thanks for capturing things I don’t even remember seeing!

Ashlie H.

Bride, Bay City, Mi

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